25 Days Value For Money


Explore Uganda in this 25 days value for money tour. You will go totally off the beaten track with a visit to the Karamajong tribe and discover the undiscovered: Karamoja and Kidepo. – And safaris. This tour will be for sure a special experience, with a great combination of culture, trekking, and coming face - to - face with the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and safari! And you will have a Great Tour Guide. Karamoja (northeast Uganda) suffers from a negative image due to decades of isolation and insecurity. But after peace has returned (2011), the perception of the region by fellow Ugandans and the international community hasn’t changed.
Welcome to Uganda!

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18 Day Around Uganda Safari Expedition


This is one of the best adventures that Frank Tours Uganda runs in Uganda! Travelling from east to west and north to south, we take in most of the highlights that Uganda has to offer: the wildlife, birds, landscape, flora and fauna.

Its a good combination of Safari, Wildlife, Hikking and Adventure.


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14 Days Best Of Uganda Safari


Have a trip of a lifetime on this 14 days safari. This tour takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park were you have the Ultimate Experience Of meeting the Mountain Gorillas. Coming face to face with the Silver Back and his family is an emotional experience. It's amazing how close you can come. The recommended distance is 7 meters but the Gorillas do not know these rules.Then you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park the only park in Uganda were we kind find the Tree Climbing Lions among other animals like the Topi, Uganda Kob, Buffaloes, Elephants and good chances for the Leopard. Are you ready for Safari? 

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14 Days Uganda Budget Safari


This Special Safari combines the highlights of the country, including exciting chimp walks, amazing wildlife viewing and of course the unforgettable gorilla tracking.  In addition, it offers unique encounters with the local communities. 

$ 2970

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10 Days Uganda Adventure East and North East Sector



Discover the Source Of the River Nile,  Experience typical Karimojong pastoral life by sleeping a night with the animals and shepherds  / Kidepo Valley National Park - Game drives, Optional  Nature Walk
FROM $2450

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4-Day Gorillas Trekking and Tree Climbing Lions


During his tour you will experience Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park, a boat ride along the Kazinga Channel, searching for lions and leopards in the trees.
FROM $1430

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4 Day Gorilla Domestic Fly In Safari

Have a trip of a lifetime on this 4 day safari to trek the Mountain Gorillas. They are the one of mo

Have a trip of a lifetime on this 4 day safari to trek the Mountain Gorillas. They are the one of most endangered apes in the world. Almost half of them can be found in Uganda. 


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7 Days Uganda Safari


Have a trip of a life time on this 7 Days Safari to Uganda. You will enjoy trekking the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees, Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Boat Safaris on the Kazinga Channel. 


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