About Us



“Hi there, I’m Frank, founder and owner of Frank Tours Uganda. When I finished Makerere University, some of my friends became lawyers and others went on to build up successful careers of their own. They bought suits, had offices and began “real life”. I, however, took a very different path. At 22, armed with a degree in Art, I accepted a job driving tourists around Uganda. No power suits or office for me, just plain clothes and a hat on my head. Technically, I was a “tour driver.” My job was to chauffeur tourists around, for groups – large and small – from various countries, visiting different National Parks and other sites of interest in my homeland. More than 10 years on, I’ve lost count of the total number of tours I have led until now. Let me tell you – leading large groups of tourists has always been an interesting experience. Expectations were always different to the smaller groups. Honestly though, I have loved and enjoyed every minute of it. For me, it has been an amazing, maturing experience and to this day, I still take joy from welcoming and guiding you, here at Frank Tours Uganda.

Who is Frank?


Frank is a professional guide at a national level, with over 10 years of experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, and as a safari guide. Frank has expert knowledge of all Uganda and Rwanda tourism destinations, with a specific focus of his own on birding and cultural tours. Frank started small as a tour guide, with a love of tourism in his heart and a great compassion for local communities, whereby he makes sure to support such communities whenever he gets the chance. He has taken a strong supporting interest in local community projects such as GirlBe in Kansanga, Tinka’s Home Stay in Biogodi , Bunyonyi Vocational Project in Kable, women projects in Buhoma and Kibale…..



The vision of Frank Tours Uganda is to develop a locally-owned tour company with international partnerships and networks that will operate in Uganda. FTU seeks to provide a first-rate flexible service to its customers and promote the image of Uganda as an exclusive tourism destination in Africa. Our long-term plans include the development.


To provide high-quality safaris, tours, holidays and guiding services across Uganda and the entire East African region. FTU designs tailor-made tour packages to suit our guests’ needs. This does not, however, limit our guests’ options as they are still able to design their own packages with the help of our highly-skilled safari consultants.



The Frank Tours Uganda team is made up of 4 capable, knowledgeable office staff and highly-qualified drivers/ guides and Tour Leaders who all possess the requisite academic qualification and years of valuable experience. Between us we speak a range of European and African languages including English, Dutch, Swahili, Luganda and many other local dialects found all across East Africa, empowering us to efficiently manage all of our guests’ tour requirements, right from conception to operation to closing, for optimal satisfaction.



The company owns two Toyota Land Cruisers and two Minibuses. All vehicles are 4WD, well-maintained and provide a pop-up roof for game viewing. The challenging conditions of Ugandan roads means that safari vehicles are serviced by FTU company mechanics after every trip. For our clients’ convenience, we try to limit the number of people in one vehicle to 5-6 persons, ensuring that everybody has a window seat and luggage can be stored comfortably.

Adventure Tours


Absolutely nothing beats coming face-to-face with a silverback Mountain Gorilla – twice the size of a grown man (250Kgs) – in its natural habitat. Although an encounter with our cousins the chimpanzees in Kibale forest National Park must rank as the truest definition of ‘a walk on the wild side’- it could stop your heart! To partake in the wildest white water rafting amongst the rapids of the magnificent river Nile, the world’s longest, is the true epitome of an adrenaline-pumping river adventure and we think that bungee-jumping thrills at the Bujagali Lake must be what real ‘dare-devilism’ is all about.